Wednesday, February 17, 2016

An Open Poem To Kanye West

Kanye, oh Kanye
You said don't text till Monday
But now that Monday's gone we need to talk
You've been tweeting across the ocean
Full of raw emotion
You and me, let's take a little walk

See that woman with her brood
Queueing up for food
They can't afford to buy from a shop
You really think they care
That you're a debt millionaire
Or about your little Twitter strop

Over there's a refugee
Scared and forced to flee
Leaving everyone and thing they had 
So don't be such a clown
Shut the fuck up and sit down
Look at those who really have it bad

So now it turns out that you're broke
And begging from that Facebook bloke
Face your situation with some class
Show deportment, show some carriage
The last thing that your marriage
Needs is another massive ass

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