Monday, August 11, 2014

The Twitter Crush

They might be beautiful, or smart
Or you could find them witty
They are on another continent
Or even in your city

Your heart goes all a-flutter
When you look at their avi
Whether on the bus, sat at home
Or tweeting on the lavvy

Feel your breathing get more shallow
With every @, DM or mention
You try to think what you can say
Just to get their attention

But it's hard to find the right words
Within the space you've got
And what if you declare your love
Only to find they love you not?

You might come over needy
They might think of you as silly
So instead you revert back to type
And make a joke about a willy

If you take a minute to read this
Just ponder, for a few
What if the Twitter Crush you have
Has a Twitter Crush on you?


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