Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Commercial Break

“Is your party sinking without trace? Are you out of your depth? Why not get things back afloat with the new UKIP Karaoke Classics. Contains all your favourite tunes, like…”

Don’t blame it on the rainfall
Don’t blame it on the flood plain
Don’t blame it on the cutbacks
Blame it on the gayers!

“Or this party anthem…”

Men Marrying Men
Why we’re flooded, men marrying men
To God it’s an offence
White, white, white or white
Same sex marriage just ain’t right!

“So to get your party on the right track, make sure you pick up UKIP Karaoke Classics!”

We’re drowning in the rain
We’re drowning in the rain
Now the gays are marrying we’re
Drowning again!

“UKIP Karaoke Classics isn’t available in any shops. It’s only available from polling stations for the low, low price of your dignity. Get yours now, before they disappear!”

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